Dear Ireland… - EMF Off!

Dear Ireland…

​​​​​…Please don’t make the same ‘smart meter’ mistake that we made. Lots of love, Canada

As an Irish national living in Canada for the past 20 years, I was dismayed to hear that Ireland plans to roll out smart meters in 2019. Having witnessed the serious health effects of these meters in Canada, where hundreds of thousands have already been harmed (myself included), I urge you to inform yourself of the facts. Installing smart meters is not just bad news for residents, but also for the economy, social services, and the already-overburdened healthcare system. Clearly, like so many other nations worldwide, the Irish population is being kept in the dark about the proven adverse effects of the radiation from these so-called ‘smart’ meters.

Installing them is anything but smart, as they emit high levels of microwave radiation, known since the 1930s to be harmful to all forms of life and used as a military weapon since the 1950s. Since these microwaves are invisible and highly penetrative, travelling at the speed of light and instantly penetrating cement, dwellings, vehicles, stone, wood, clothing, plastic, human tissue, bone and all other forms of life, they make the perfect stealth weapon. They are the last thing you want to have flying through the air, uncontrolled, uncontainable and undeniably harmful. Regardless of what the government or ESB Network might tell you, there is overwhelming scientific evidence that this radiation causes serious health issues, ​​[1]​ including cancer, and there is no way to collectively measure or control the emissions from a multitude of overlapping sources.

The radiation from smart meters is designed to travel for many kilometres in every direction, saturating your living space and natural environment with intermittent bursts of strong microwaves, around the clock. Given their almost immediate impact on the blood, these microwaves can affect every system, organ and cell of the body, agitating the nervous system, stimulating tissue, promoting cellular leakage of calcium, damaging the blood–brain barrier that protects our brains, and causing a multitude of conditions and illnesses that often go undiagnosed or attributed to other things, due to the widespread lack of awareness about their effects.

Symptoms to watch for

The symptoms of microwave sickness include but are not limited to:

  • insomnia/sleep disturbances
  • headaches, sharp pains, tingling, numbness
  • pressure in head/throat/chest/ears, tinnitus
  • dizziness, balance issues
  • electrical buzzing or ‘zapping’ in head
  • visual/hearing disturbances, tinnitus, eye irritation
  • short-term memory loss, dementia, mental/thought block, concentration problems
  • skin rashes, eczema
  • cancer and brain tumours
  • chronic dehydration, insatiable thirst
  • altered heart rate, palpitations, blood pressure anomalies, strokes, heart attacks
  • tremors, tics, seizures
  • neurological, digestive, metabolic and immune-system disorders
  • anxiety, agitation and extreme fatigue
  • joint dysfunction, musculoskeletal pains
  • increased chemical sensitivity and/or allergies
  • induced fight-or-flight response, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  • sensory overload, inability to rest/relax/heal.

While this might seem like an improbably long list, it makes sense when you realize that microwave radiation affects the blood and can therefore affect every bodily function.

A double-whammy

I was staggered to learn that some Irish GPs consider claims of EMF-related illness to be psychiatric cases to be treated with drugs, even though the government is knowingly subjecting people to harmful radiation, without their informed consent. Given the vast body of scientific evidence (more than 25,000 independent studies [2]) relating to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), such an approach is tantamount to criminal negligence and is a clear confirmation of the government’s vested interest in sustaining the very lucrative wireless industry at all costs.  

You don’t have to be a doctor, biologist or researcher to discover the truth about these harmful devices. Anyone with a high-powered microscope can put a drop of their blood on a slide and immediately see the effects. Just 15 minutes of exposure to radiation from a smart meter (or from a WiFi router, cell phone, cell tower, cordless phone or other wireless-enabled device) causes clumping and stagnation of blood cells.[3] Many other biological markers have been identified by doctors and researchers specialising in the treatment of EMF-induced illnesses around the world.[4]

Ignorance of epidemic proportions

But even if the medical and scientific data were not enough, there are now an estimated 300 million people worldwide being adversely affected by manmade EMFs—particularly radio-frequency microwave radiation from smart meters, WiFi, cell towers, cordless phones and cell phones. As a result of these technological ‘advances’, our environment now has an estimated 10 billion times more radiation than it had just 60 years ago. Our bodies are not designed for this, and we are increasingly seeing the effects. Epidemics of autism, ADD, cancer, neurological conditions, dementia, immune-system disorders, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, depression and anxiety are sweeping the globe, rising in tandem with the proliferation of artificial electromagnetic fields.    

Having had a brain tumour caused by microwave radiation, and since I can physically feel the radiation when exposed to it, I need no further convincing of the harm it can cause. Out of necessity, I have done a great deal of research, connecting with some of the top scientists, doctors, biologists and researchers around the world, as well as the many vast networks of people being affected by electromagnetic radiation, and compiling documents to raise awareness of the issue.[5] I have also worked for the World Health Organization (WHO), whose former Director-General, Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, resigned because the microwave radiation from cell phones was making her ill. Despite Dr Brundtland’s public confirmation of the harmful effects of this radiation, however, WHO has continued to downplay and deny the dangers. This is not surprising when you realize that its EMF Project (dedicated to assessing the biological impact of radio-frequency EMFs and to taking appropriate measures to protect global health) receives funding from the very industry from which it is mean to protect us. When you realize that the project is headed by an engineer (with zero medical qualifications) who has done research for the wireless telecom industry, you begin to see why WHO has failed to acknowledge the dangers or take the appropriate action.

For the past 25 years, the industry has claimed that non-ionizing radiation is harmless and that the only radiation worth worrying about is ionizing radiation (for example, from x-rays) or radiation that has a thermal (or heating) effect. Extensive research done by Dr Martin Pall (among others) unequivocally proves this to be false.

“It's been very clear, going back all the way to 1971 and even before that, that this wasn't true,” says Dr Pall, PhD, researcher and Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University. “But we didn't know what the mechanism was. Now, we do. […] the industry's been trying to hoodwink everybody for decades. Now we know how it works [and] there is a wide variety of different health impacts.”[6]

Six more reasons for smartening up

It’s not just the health effects that are of concern, although that should be more than enough to dissuade any intelligent person from agreeing to this very unsmart technology. There are several other good reasons for not having smart meters anywhere near your home.

  1. You will see an increase in your electricity bills—as has been the case in Canada and the US, with some residents reporting increases of up to 50% on their monthly bills after a smart meter was installed (even though there was no increase in their consumption). You effectively lose control over the amount of electricity coming into your home, since the meter is remotely controlled and power surges can occur on your electrical line. ‘Time of use’ billing is something that has been built into the systems and, when this is implemented, most people see increases because they must heat homes and cook during peak hours.

  2. Your privacy and security are compromised, since the electricity company will know when you are home and when you are away, based on your remotely monitored electricity usage. The zigbee chip used in smart meters will communicate with ‘smart’ appliances throughout your home, violating your privacy by reporting on appliances and their usage, as well as increasing the levels of radiation coming into your home. As for cybersecurity, smart meters are a gateway for accidents and hacking of the grid.

  3. Increased illness and functional impairment caused by the radiation from these meters will put an additional strain on the already over-taxed healthcare system, with more people going on sick leave, taking medication to control their symptoms, claiming disability and opting for early retirement due to health issues. The cost of all this will, of course, be borne by you, the taxpayer. Even if smart meters are not directly responsible for whatever health issue might arise (although, in many cases, they will be), microwave radiation is known to exacerbate any existing condition. If you have a stroke, for example, you are far less likely to recover fully or quickly if you are being exposed to this non-ionizing radiation.

  4. You are being deceived and knowingly harmed by your own government—the elected officials who are meant to serve and protect you. Not only is your government failing to inform you of the scientific facts about microwave radiation, but it is also ensuring that anyone who experiences the inevitable consequences of exposure is labelled a nutcase and treated with drugs. Reckless endangerment of its own people, and drugging those who protest: is this what you want, Ireland? 

  5. Smart meters are known to catch fire and damage properties.[7] There have been many such fires in Canada, with home-owners powerless to prevent them as the electricity company refuses to allow analogue meters to be used instead and often takes no responsibility for the damage caused. Home-owners are therefore left to cover the cost of the damages to their property.

  6. The installation of a smart meter is often the last straw for bodies that are already being subjected to non-stop microwave radiation from WiFi, cell phones, cell towers, cordless phones and other wireless devices. Already, governments have failed to inform us of the dangers associated with these other devices, and adding smart meters to the mix will push many people over the edge. Radiation accumulates in the body, with tolerance gradually decreasing as the immune system becomes less able to handle the ever-increasing load. While many may not be aware of being affected, many others will become ill following the installation of smart meters in their neighbourhood. If that happens, and if they remain unaware of the facts or how to protect themselves, they can look forward to being ridiculed and drugged by their doctors …and a lifetime of increasing debilitation and illness. 

So, Ireland, what will you choose? Will you blindly follow the lead of other nations, with the same disastrous results for the health, wealth and economies of their citizens? Or will you make the truly smart decision, do your research and be the first European nation to blow the whistle on this invasive, harmful technology?

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Olga Sheean

Olga Sheean is an author, editor, disruptive thinker, therapist and mastery coach specializing in human dynamics, creative potential and conscious evolution. She has documented the bio-effects of wireless radiation, exposing the widespread corruption within the industry, WHO and governments, and writes widely on the drivers of human dysfunction and how to reclaim our autonomy.