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​42: Making a conscious commitment

It is a gentle day for late September, puffs of warm air buffeting my skin but not insisting. As I cross the grass to the cabin, I see a moose down by the water, and I pause to observe its majestic passing. There are dragonflies everywhere, their neon-blue bodies criss-crossing the air like mini-drones on an important reconnaissance mission. A large yellow insect circles overhead, its wings clapping like a pair of castanets, applauding the skies. The chipmunks, too, are active—popping up from their hiding places to bask in the warm sunshine, then scuttling out of sight as I approach. Yellow garter snakes make an occasional sly appearance from under the cabin steps, their vividly striped bodies a brilliant splash of colour against the bleached wood.

In this peaceful setting, it seems inherently wrong to be worried—about anything. But I’m aware of a deep gnawing fear inside, fuelled by increasing cranial inflammation, hearing loss and balance issues. What if there’s another tumour on the other side? This is my fear. What if I lose my hearing altogether? This seems almost as terrifying as dying and is, in a sense, a form of death. It would mean the loss of so many precious things—hearing the sound of Lewis’s voice, being able to engage in conversations, enjoying the sounds of the natural world around me, music, laughter, waves on a beach, and my ability to stay safe. I cannot imagine not being able to hear anything, although I’m getting a taste of what that might be like. Yet there are many things that I could never have imagined happening. The fact that our world is intentionally being bombarded with microwave radiation is madness enough, and I still wake up some mornings thinking it must all be a bad dream. This cannot be happening. No leaders in their right minds would support this kind of thing.

Yet we are all leaders in our own lives, many of us being pushed to push back. For me, it’s do or die. I’m aware of the healing that needs to happen, but I don’t feel I’m fully engaging in it. I know the theory, but my heart is still away on holiday somewhere, refusing to come home to deal with things. Since heart and soul took off on that package deal before my surgery, I haven’t heard a peep from either of them. Not that I can blame them. I want to get away from me, too.  

After doing all I can to heal myself on my own, I decide to get some outside help and support. And I know exactly who I want to work with …if she’s willing to embark on this journey with me. Lucy Sanford has already done this work, healing herself from EHS and becoming a certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) along the way. She embodies what I believe to be vital components for healing: a spiritual approach, an understanding of the deeper drivers of disease, a highly analytical mind (I’ve finally met my match), an understanding of the principles of quantum physics and neuroplasticity, extensive knowledge and personal awareness of the effects of EMFs, and a commitment to not engage in the negative stories, patterns or memories that keep us stuck.   

Healing can be a rocky road—not because healing is necessarily difficult but because it can be hard to let go of old patterns. With the right beliefs, self-talk and actions, healing can be easy and fast, and there are countless stories of spontaneous healing occurring in all kinds of situations. Given the nature of our minds, however, and our deeply entrenched subconscious programming, the resistance to positive change can be huge. You may experience moments of euphoria when you make a breakthrough, discover some deeper truth or start an exciting creative project that you feel will take you towards the life and the health that you seek.

When you understand and start tapping into universal intelligence, everything feels possible—and it is. But the old perceived reality can come crashing back, testing your conviction in your faith to create positive change. Your symptoms may worsen or you may wake up feeling depressed and hopeless, convinced that you will never be able to heal yourself. But this is just a reflection of how stubbornly the mind wants to hold on to the old ways of thinking and behaving. Being aware of this resistance is not always enough to break free of it, however, and it can be hard to catch yourself at your own game. Having a healing ‘buddy’ or mentor to help keep you on track can make all the difference.

I first connected with Lucy when I was compiling material for my WHO document, and I included part of her personal story in the report. I sensed a kindred spirit and a shared conviction that electromagnetic sensitivity was far more than just a physical reaction to our irradiated environment.

I asked Lucy if she felt angry about all the harm caused to her by the radiation, as so many other electro-sensitive people do.
“After more than 20 years of feeling unwell, I think I was more relieved than anything else to finally have an answer and to know what was wrong,” she said. “I was frustrated at not being able to do things or to go into restaurants, but my focus was on getting to a place where I felt safe and getting well, so I was never really angry.”

Lucy preferred not to mix with people who resented their condition and felt like victims of what was coming at them. “To get better, I had to stay away from those negative feelings,” she said. “I had to not go there myself and not be around people who were angry. Those emotions were very disruptive to me and I could not have healed if I’d stayed in that emotional environment.”

I think about this dichotomy in my own life. Even as I’m doing all I can to heal myself—eating well, exercising, taking supplements, feeding my ideal future reality, meditating—I may be simultaneously cancelling it out with fearful or negative thoughts, old ways of doing things, or concerns about the future. Being in alignment with my purpose (to heal body and mind) requires that all of me be onboard with the program. Anything less than congruity sends mixed messages—not just to my brain and body, but also to the quantum field where things coalesce before materializing in my physical reality.

Yet Lucy is aware of what’s going on and is disturbed by the emerging realities, such as the roll-out of 5G, with no clear vision of how they can be addressed. What she has managed to change is her own reaction to all the man-made radiation. She can now tolerate it, although she chooses not to live in it and has created a healthy, low-EMF environment in her home. But she can go into restaurants and cafés, take flights, and be close to people using a cell phone, without feeling any effects.

I think of Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe and other EHS specialists and scientists who have confirmed the impact of EMFs on the blood (using live-blood-cell analysis), even in those who don’t feel the radiation and are not aware of being affected by it. I ask Lucy if she thinks she’s still being affected by the radiation, even if she doesn’t feel it.

“I agree that we’re all affected, in some way, but I’m no longer getting symptoms,” she says. “I know it’s there and that it’s dangerous, and I choose not to live in it. When I first started doing the work to get well, I thought I had to also change my view of electromagnetic radiation being bad for me. But I still think it is bad for us, even though I’ve managed to get my body and mind strong enough to not react to it.”

Lucy did, however, become hypersensitive again, after getting three CT scans. Not realizing until after the fact that these scans emitted over 1,000 times as much radiation as a normal X-ray, it took her a while to figure out why she was once again getting symptoms. Once she realized what had happened, she was able to eliminate her symptoms and once again regain her health by working with the brain’s neuroplasticity and applying the principles of quantum physics to change her personal reality.

Now that I’ve become so aware of all the electromagnetic radiation around us, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would knowingly subject their bodies to this kind of non-stop assault. A densely populated, high-EMF environment also emits a very different vibe, and the level of meaningful connection between individuals is greatly reduced or fragmented, due to the always-on, constantly stimulated and distracted nature of those glued to their wireless devices. Privacy, personal boundaries and respect for others all seem to go out the window when a cell phone beckons, pulling the recipient out of the present moment and away from any ongoing in-person human interaction.

Perhaps it does all come down to frequency. If we raise our own frequencies enough, can we remain unaffected, even as the radiation levels continue to rise? Even if we do, though, what about plants, animals, insects and the environment itself? No matter how much we might manage to change or individually master ourselves, the ongoing radiation emissions still affect all forms of life. But that can change, too, if enough of us return to our spiritual selves and start living our lives from that perspective.

“Being involved with like-minded spiritual people is what really saved me,” says Lucy. “That’s what nourishes me and gives me vitality.”
Yet, even in those circles, there seems to be a lack of awareness of what’s going on. “Why aren’t they talking about it?” Lucy wonders. “Surely we can’t just allow this abuse of our planet to continue if we are committed to living a spiritual life.”

Lucy wants to raise awareness in a non-judgemental way so that people understand the consequences of what we’re all doing. “It’s very hard for me to watch these things going on and not raise awareness about it,” she says. “I’m sometimes asked to do a presentation, but I don’t want to instil fear. I think people are already too exhausted and discouraged about our environment, so they turn off. They don’t want to hear about it.”

Lucy feels that the best we can do with the current technology is change the way we use our devices, such as cell phones, while creating healthy sanctuaries in our homes so we can get restorative rest and give our bodies a break from the radiation. Then, when we’re out in the world, we can deal with it all much better.

I like to envision a safe, innovative technology that provides all of the convenience and benefits without any of the downsides. Given what’s possible when we apply the laws of quantum physics and envision living in a wonderfully healthy environment, it’s perfectly feasible. If we collectively feed a positive vision of vibrant good health in a healthy environment, it will happen.

People are already doing something about this, Lucy tells me, with thousands of people around the world doing meditations to heal the Earth. “But,” she laughs, “most people are tuning in to these meditations on their cell phones!”

Dr Joe Dispenza, for example, created a global meditation—Project Coherence: Raising the Earth’s Electromagnetic Field—in which over 6,000 people from 77 countries have participated.92 As he says on his site, research has shown that when we cultivate the emotional states of caring, love and compassion, our hearts expand and we radiate coherent energy that can be used to benefit both ourselves and the world. The more satellites of people around the world are broadcasting a coherent organized signature, the greater the influence on the unified field around the Earth as well as on every individual. When two or more waves oscillate in tandem and are vibrating at the same frequency, we experience a phenomenon known as constructive interference—the two waves come together and create a resultant waveform with much greater power and amplitude. Similarly, when people share a common purpose and focus together on a specific goal, their combined intent creates coherence in the quantum field.       

In working with Lucy, I realized that some deeply entrenched subconscious patterns around being unwell were preventing me from bouncing back. I needed to address the underlying issues so that I could build greater strength and resilience.

It’s not that any of us consciously want to be sick, of course (although there can be some unconscious perceived benefits, such as avoiding something we don’t want to do). But trauma, loss or unmet emotional needs in childhood can result in real physical issues, which can then become a pattern, creating a cycle of ill-health that can only be broken with conscious, loving awareness. We all create very clever strategies and ways of dealing with emotional challenges and/or physical threats, setting the scene for a lifetime of distorted perceptions and heightened reactivity to certain triggers. It doesn’t really matter whether the trigger is real or perceived; it’s our reaction to it that reinforces particular patterns and expands the neural networks that then cause our situation to also expand. Unless we understand this process and break those cycles, our lives can become self-fulfilling prophecies.

What we think and feel has a huge impact on our lives,
and out there, in the quantum field.

“The unconscious parts of the ego will use real-life situations to keep you stuck and keep you sick—if that’s your particular addiction,” Lucy says.

I know that, even though our ego strives to keep us safe, it often misinterprets its job description, protecting us from things that we ideally need to address and resolve in healthy ways, instead of running away from or reacting to them. Because the body gets addicted to the chemicals generated by certain repeated emotions, it will create a need for those chemicals to continue being produced—in the same way that people become addicted to their wireless devices, which produce the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine.93 (See Chapter 37 for more on addiction.)

For those who are unwell, whether it’s due to EHS or something else, this means that symptoms will continue to manifest, providing seemingly valid evidence of the external environment being the cause of their condition. (This is not to say that harmful EMFs in our environment are not an issue; they certainly are, but we can address them on more than the physical level.)

We tend to use external circumstances to confirm our pre-conceived notions of how life works, yet our circumstances are a reflection of what is going on inside. Subconscious limiting beliefs can be difficult to root out and they can seriously cramp our style without us realizing what’s going on. We inevitably encounter resistance when we try to change those old beliefs, and it takes discipline and a strong desire for positive change to break through.

All the cells of our body have their own intelligence, and they are constantly being re-programmed by our beliefs and emotional investments. Unless we consciously change those beliefs and break free of emotional dependencies, our cells will want to consistently feel the way they do whenever we encounter illness, helplessness, negativity or limitation. This is just as true for those who are electro-sensitive, since exposure to radiation can emotionally trigger us in many of the same ways that we’re triggered by an abusive partner, an angry boss or any other person who violates our boundaries or adversely affects us in some way.

This explains why we tend to attract partners who feed our patterns, triggering us in ways that enable us to keep having the same reaction, while feeding the neural networks that influence our reality. It’s not much fun when this happens, and we tend to blame our partner, our bad luck with men/women, or the general lack of suitable partners, unaware of our tremendous power to attract what feeds our addictions.

The degree to which we blame others
is the degree to which we feel powerless over our own lives.

We must remember that we are electromagnetic beings, with thoughts that produce an electrical field and emotions that generate their own magnetism. So what we think and feel has a huge impact on our lives—and out there, in the quantum field. While the harmful EMFs in our environment may be very real and a growing threat to all forms of life on Earth, feeding that belief does not serve us in our quest for a healthier life and body, and for global solutions.

Working with Lucy is helping me to stay focused on the bigger picture and to not get sucked back into the drama or fear of being harmed by a hostile environment. I must stay connected to the deeper truth and my innate capacity to change my personal reality. Even though I’m familiar with many of the universal principles we’re working with, I still find myself forgetting what I most need to remember. The ego is a very slippery customer and our subconscious programs are extremely stubborn, hanging on for dear life for as long as they can. We therefore need to become objective observers of what’s going on inside and out, so that we are no longer caught up in the drama or reactivity of our programing and can clearly see what’s happening.

This reminds me of two crucial components of healing or recovery from any kind of trauma or dysfunction: healthy, enlightened support and a meaningful human connection. We may have wonderful friends to whom we turn in times of stress or loss. But the truest friend is the one who reminds us of our greatness, supports us in being all that we can be, never lets us get caught up in drama, negativity or self-flagellation, and keeps us on track with the deeper truth that’s always trying to emerge.

My goal is to re-wire my brain so that my body and mind believe me to be safe, healthy and resilient, no matter what. In my joyous future reality, my heart (versus old negative patterns) is running the show, I am centred and present (no longer reacting to old triggers), I travel with confidence and engage with others (no longer fearful of exposure to WiFi or other EMFs), and I have absolute faith in myself and in universal intelligence to handle whatever challenges I encounter, while retaining and boosting my health.  

The rapidly advancing threat of global 5G makes it clear that we must ‘power up’ as fast as we possibly can, using our minds, our hearts and our higher capacities to feed a vision of a healthy environment. While it is devastating to learn of the impending harm that will inevitably result from this invasive new technology, we must remind ourselves that we are being pushed to re-connect with our humanity and to do the very opposite of what 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) represent. As quantum observers and creators, within a rapidly growing community of many millions worldwide, we can have an impact far beyond what our logical minds believe is possible.

“The goal is to harmonize our energy; identify and dislodge the unconscious energetic patterns that keep us stuck in dis-ease; step out of fear; find balance and coherence in chaos; transform our ego so it works for us rather than against us; and become the superheroes we are meant to be.”

—Lucy Sanford


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