Consultations with Olga Sheean - EMF Off!

Create permanent change at the deepest level

A relationship therapist, empowerment trainer and holistic ​wellness practitioner, Olga specializes in human dynamics and creative potential, with additional expertise in environmental ​health. She is dedicated to excavating the deeper truth buried in every complex, amazing, powerful human being so that they can reclaim their autonomy, enhance self-awareness, boost resilience and activate their innate capacity for creative manifestation.

Using her unique framework for self-mastery, she specializes in identifying and transforming the negative subconscious programs that drive our circumstances, relationships, performance, self-worth and success. She makes sense of the chaos that often presents itself in our lives, pushing us towards a deeper understanding of what our challenges represent and how we can effectively address them.

A unique level of expertise

Olga has trained in applied kinesiology, Body Alignment Technique, whole-brain integration, intuitive and energetic healing, interpersonal dynamics and conflict resolution. She has also studied nutrition, metabolic therapy and the impacts of electromagnetic radiation on mind, body and environment. ​She works internationally, offering private consultations, empowerment intensives and online training to help people elevate their consciousness, activate their higher faculties, transcend crises/challenges, deal with environmental toxins, and enhance their health, relationships and happiness quotient.

Working with the mind–body connection

In her 25 years of private practice and research, working with groups and individuals all over the world, Olga has gained an in-depth understanding of the mind–body connection, the power of our subconscious minds, how neuroscience and quantum physics enable us to break free of old patterns and cultivate our ideal reality, and how we can ​re-wire our brains to go far beyond the conventional approach to life.

​Benefit from Olga’s personal experience and research

As a result of being adversely affected by electromagnetic radiation (primarily microwave radiation from WiFi, cell phones, cordless phones and other wireless devices/systems), Olga has researched and written extensively on the issue of man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in our environment and the resulting electro-sensitivity and/or microwave sickness experienced by a growing number of individuals. She has also connected with many of the scientists, researchers, activists and global networks addressing this crucial issue. In 2018, she published her fifth book: EMF off! A call to consciousness in our misguidedly microwaved world.

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What to expect in a session with Olga

Working with Olga, you will grow on many levels, acquiring wisdom, self-understanding and breakthroughs in your life, while developing your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual capacities. Her work is a unique blend of inspiration, support, intuitive guidance, skilled facilitation, practical processes, tools and techniques for transformation, ​and a commitment to honouring the deeper truth of who you are and how life really works. You will also receive practical homework and processes ​for creating rapid, lasting change.

In doing this work, you will:

  • ​learn how to create the outcomes you seek by work​ing with neuroplasticity and quantum physics​;
  • ​discover how to become a magnet for the good things in life;
  • identify how ​to boost your physical and emotional resilience;
  • Smile
    ​reclaim your autonomy, healthy self-worth and ​​personal freedom;
  • understand what your circumstances represent and how to improve them;
  • ​transform the ​negative conditioning that ​​inhibits success, health and happiness;
  • create healthy relationship dynamics and resolve conflicts and crises​​;
  • Smile
    ​leverage the power and the purpose of your subconscious mind;
  • ​upgrade your ​personal reality and start to live a life that you love. 

"Olga Sheean’s work steers us back to our formidable power to transform our lives for the better. This work is neither complex nor theoretical. It is practical, transformative, empowering and very good for your health."

Pamela Post, journalist

​If you ready to do some deep work to resolve your challenges (including electro-sensitivity, functional impairment or debilitating illness), you can turn your life around with an entirely new way of perceiving and mastering your reality.