Rising to the challenges - EMF Off!

Rising to the challenges

Olga Sheean
Transform your life with a new way of perceiving and mastering your mind, body and reality. Specializing in human dynamics, creative potential and conscious evolution, Olga will help you activate your full self, find fulfillment and create a life you love.
EMF off! - the book

Get the full story. Blending humour, personal experience, the science on EMFs, facts about electro-sensitivity, and quantum physics, this book reveals the deeper truth about our love affair with technology, why governments are denying the evidence, and how we can transform our personal and planetary health.

A wireless wake-up call and a message for all humanity

From the foreword

This book tells a poignant, deeply personal story that will resonate with many of us and serve as a warning to everyone else. Punctuated with wry humour and many revelations, it is a story that evolves—from a purely personal perspective to one of planetary relevance.

—Dr Andrew Tresidder

From the introduction

I hope this book will ignite in you a fierce determination to become the powerful individual you are neurologically and spiritually designed to be, while reminding you of the infinite possibilities that unfold when we collaborate to create the world we want. We are all in this together.

—Olga Sheean


I’m so thankful for this book.

“Olga Sheean takes us on an intimate personal journey. Along the way, she challenges us to cultivate our deeper truth, reconnect and choose love. Our relationship with technology is like nothing our society has ever faced, and only we can cure our own addiction. I’m so thankful for this book.”


Informative, smart, sad and funny

A call to consciousness on many levels, EMF off! is informative, smart, sad and funny all at once. The touching afterword, written by Olga’s husband Lewis, will be helpful to other couples facing similar challenges. A must-read for a holistic view of the global effects of EMF in this technological age.

Your deeper truth

Every single one of us has the power to transform our reality, elevate our consciousness and create magic in our lives. Our ancestors knew this and had access to ancient wisdom that is now being confirmed by quantum physics. 

But that wisdom was displaced by negative beliefs instilled in us by religion and society—beliefs now so deeply embedded in our psyche that we have lost touch with the truth. 

If we feel unworthy, unacceptable or powerless, we experience self-rejection, conflict and shame, which causes us to sabotage our own success and survival ...as we are now doing. When disempowered in this way, we defer to outside authority, having lost faith in our ability to master our minds and bodies and transcend our challenges. 

Now, we are seeing the deadly effects of that programming, with disease, corruption and harmful radiation consuming our planet. We blame governments for the chaos. But it’s not about them, out there, and what they’re doing to us. It’s about us, inside, and how we've lost touch with our innate wisdom and creative capacities.

Changing our minds changes everything—and life gets very exciting when we learn how to transform our reality. We must regain what we lost, believe in ourselves again, and re-discover just how extra-ordinary we really are. Let's turn things around!

There is no more powerful journey you could take in life than this. If you'd like to join me, contact me to find out more. The quiz below may inspire you to ask some deeper questions.