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"A must-read, if ever there was one!"

​Radiation from wireless technologies now spans the globe, affecting all forms of life. The resulting electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are causing epidemics of illness, addictions and disorders that often fail to be attributed to the true underlying cause. 

With humour, insights and discoveries from the forefront of modern science, this book tells a profoundly personal story, revealing the deeper truth about our love affair with technology, why governments are hiding the facts, and how neuroplasticity and quantum physics are transforming our perception of reality and our capacity to transform our personal and planetary health.

Powerful, raw, amusing, inspiring and empowering

Olga is a true warrior—a peaceful one. This book boldly, and rightly, situates EMFs in the context of consciousness and spirituality. Of all the books I’ve read on EMFs, this one’s my favorite.

Lloyd Burrell author of Beating Electrical Sensitivity and founder of ElectricSense.com

Magnificent writing, lovely humour

I have just finished reading your book EMF Off, which I found informative, educational, enlightening and filled with an immense amount of valuable information. Your writing is magnificent, your humor is so lovely—on one page, I was laughing out loud so hard.

Gloria Frank EHS local activist and Safe Technology Educator, Reno, Nevada

This book serves as an inspiration

Current research is revealing that, within just five generations of low-level microwave irradiation, exposed species—from soil microorganisms to mammalian vertebrates and all plant life in between— could become extinct. Confronting what is arguably the most powerful opposing force on this planet, this book serves as an inspiration for those who wish to leave our world fit for all forms of life.

Barrie Trower research physicist and specialist in microwave radiation warfare

Olga's story is one that everyone needs to hear

On her odyssey back to health, Olga Sheean treads the little known but increasingly common pathway of illnesses caused by chemical and electrical sensitivity. Her story is one that everyone needs to hear as these devastating illnesses pervade our increasingly contaminated world. [...] We should all use this information as a preventative tool for our own long-term well-being.

Dr William Rea, MD Founder/Director, Environmental Health Center–Dallas

Helps everyone learn how to cope with the callousness of our society

Olga sets the stage and gives hope to others suffering from chronic illnesses caused by a world where money and power trump life and well-being. This book helps everyone learn how to cope with the callousness of our society.

Dr Riina Bray, D, BASc, MSc, FFP, MHSc Medical Director of the Environmental Health Clinic at Women’s College Hospital, Toronto

An important book

This is an important book from someone with wide experience and a unique background. Olga shares her deep insights into both the personal devastation caused by man-made EMF energy and the vested interests that have hindered public health action to prevent such harm. Her analysis of the wireless dangers that society faces is balanced by empowering solutions made possible by scientific advances.

Michael Bevington Chair of Electrosensitivity UK (es-uk.info) and author of Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity—a summary

I encourage all to read, learn, and join us in activism.

As the fourth Industrial Revolution inexorably overwhelms the environment, one fears that matters will get worse before they get better, with the domestication of radiation through the Internet of Things. As a disability activist, I realize that sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation has yet to be recognized as the disabling condition that it is.

Dr William Rowland Author, award-winning activist, Honorary President of Disabled People of South Africa (DPSA), and Chair of the 2009 UN Assembly, launching the Convention for the Rights of People with Disabilities

Sheean pulls no punches

Rare is the storyteller who weaves a tapestry of truth, science, environmental alerts, quantum physics and spirituality, laced with sheer determination and humor. Sheean pulls no punches in outlining the health impacts to humans, animals and planet from electromagnetic fields, along with solutions for dealing with this invisible force while protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

Christine S. Zipps human rights advocate and photographer

Powerful, joyous, painful, witty, illuminating and memorable

Armed with knowledge, an irrepressible spirit and an irreverent sense of humour, Olga travels a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, revealing many of the ingredients essential to our well-being and the survival of our planet. Highly recommended to anyone seeking betterment, this book will find a home in your heart.

Denise Rowland Human rights activist, writer and performer

A rollercoaster ride through the world of those affected by electrosmog pollution

Anyone who has experienced electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) will relate to this informative book. [...] Those with EHS fall through the cracks of our medical system, as the majority of physicians remain uninformed about this emerging health crisis, despite the global outcry from hundreds of EMF scientists and physicians...

Benita & Marcus Schluschen

Informative, smart, sad and funny

A call to consciousness on many levels, EMF off! is informative, smart, sad and funny all at once. The touching afterword, written by Olga’s husband Lewis, will be helpful to other couples facing similar challenges. A must-read for a holistic view of the global effects of EMF in this technological age.

Jolie Jones —artist, author, environmental activist, producer (photo: Albert Watson)

I’m so thankful for this book.

“Olga Sheean takes us on an intimate personal journey. Along the way, she challenges us to cultivate our deeper truth, reconnect and choose love. Our relationship with technology is like nothing our society has ever faced, and only we can cure our own addiction. I’m so thankful for this book.”

Theodora Scarato, MSW Executive Director, Environmental Health Trust

Hopeful, inspiring and transforming

This is THE book that needed to exist, and I am grateful to Olga for writing it. She effortlessly interweaves her riveting personal journey within a higher call-to-awareness for EMF safety. It takes a brave, intelligent and enlightened author to write such a book.

Alison Main writer, creative director and co-founder of 2Thriving

So grateful for Olga writing this book

This book really conveys the message of how serious the consequences of our wireless technology abuse are. Olga tells us about her personal experiences and inner feelings in a very powerful way. As an EHS person myself, I can so relate to what she describes in many passages, and I can only be grateful to her for writing this piece of work.

Olga Aguinaga Translator and teacher

I encourage you to read this book

Sheean’s words help to water the over-digitised desert—both inner and outer—into which humanity, steeped in wireless-product marketing, is perceptibly heading with gathering speed. Whatever your current understanding of this field, I encourage you to read this book with an open mind and, through it, recover that pearl-beyond-price, the Precautionary Principle, and the inner strength to serve it.

Lynne Wycherley environmentalist, writer and poet

Inspiration for creating a better world

Olga Sheean’s book is a wake-up call for us all. Beautifully written, it describes her own severe health effects from EMFs, as well as the science on electromagnetic radiation, while providing hope and inspiration for creating a better world. May everyone who cares about health, the environment and our common future on this planet read this book and become part of the growing web of consciousness.

Mona Nilsson environmental journalist, founder/chair of Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, and author of Health Risks from Wireless Technology
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