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Conscious focus: how to supercharge your best life

How much of your day is devoted to envisioning, pre-loving and creating the life you want, versus focusing on what’s not working? What takes up most of your time and emotional energy? Do your words, thoughts, feelings and actions promote joy and fulfillment or struggle and adversity?

Where we put our focus has a huge impact on our lives. Our focus has energy behind it, and we can consciously direct that energy to cultivate more of what we want …or we can dwell on life’s challenges, convinced that our circumstances are beyond our control and have nothing to do with us. If we focus more on problems than solutions, we feed our problems. Focusing on our past, our failures and our negative expectations generates more of the same. But if we focus on positive solutions, we nourish ourselves and our planet. Yet because we so often live our lives on auto-pilot, reacting to things rather than actively creating them ourselves, we fail to see just how powerful we are.

If we regularly share negative news, what are we really doing? Are we affirming that the world is full of evil, irresponsible, thoughtless people (which will always be true, if that’s what we believe and perceive), or are we subconsciously mourning the loss of our own innate wisdom, authority and self-mastery? How can it possibly serve us to devote our precious time and energy to the dramas that result from the dysfunction that comes from failing to recognize our own power?

Neuroscience and quantum physics have demonstrated that our thoughts have an electrical charge and our feelings have magnetism. Together, these two forces have a very real impact on our circumstances and on our electromagnetic selves. Those same emerging sciences have shown that we are all an integral part of the energy of the universe, which means that we are all connected. We therefore not only have an impact on each other and a shared responsibility to make healthy choices, but we also have equal access to universal intelligence and creatorship.

​We are here to evolve, and we can only fulfill our potential if we become conscious of our phenomenal capacity to create.

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We are here to evolve, and we can only fulfill our potential if we become conscious of our phenomenal capacity to create. Unless we realize that we have the power to shape our own reality, we remain the victims of our conditioning and the limited conventional thinking that teaches us to play safe, be nice, avoid rejection, fit in, work hard and stay out of trouble. Rather than allowing our challenges to limit or define us, we can see them for what they really are—springboards for growth and a push towards a deeper understanding of how life really works. Crises push us to tap into our higher powers to find a higher way forward. When external systems and conventional wisdom fail to produce the outcomes we seek, we must tap into our inner wisdom, activate our creatorship, and explore our spiritual matrix for making sense of the scenarios that we call life.

When we understand how universal consciousness works and how our personal electromagnetism affects our world, everything makes sense and we shift from a place of reactive or defensive living to proactive, inspired, creative engagement. We focus on our evolution as limitless interconnected individuals, rather than on our own individual survival or success.

I owe you an apology…

Given our interconnectedness, where we put our focus has a huge impact on everyone’s life. Where I put my focus has an impact on yours. Where you put your focus has an impact on mine. So I must apologize. Far too often in my early life, I focused on my fears, self-doubts and insecurities, feeding the very scenarios that I wished to avoid. I know now that the thoughts, feelings and intentions I transmit to the world have a very real impact. I’ve seen the effects and I’ve proved it to myself countless times. I owe it to me and to you to ensure that I engage all of my faculties to promote healthy life on Earth. What else is there but you, me, us and our planet? For this life to be sustainable, I must live consciously and responsibly, with integrity and positive intent, but also with lots of passion and magnetism. If, instead, I am negative and defeatist, bemoaning the state of our world and giving airtime to the ‘offenders’, while expecting them to fix things, I feed the problem; I surrender responsibility; I hold them responsible, thereby empowering them further in their irresponsible actions. And they will continue to win for as long as I continue to feed the problem rather than promoting the solution.

Energy + focus + passionate intention = outcome

What is the solution? You. Me. Us. If we collectively shift our focus towards enlightened evolution and to being the powerful creators that we are physiologically and neurologically designed to be, we start to see magic happen in our lives. If we focus on making wise choices in support of a positive world that works—a world of healthy food, conscious awareness, mutual respect, self-responsibility, compassionate community, holistic medicine, eco-friendly politics, clean environment and healthy relationships—we feed all of those things and they grow. If we collectively shift our focus away from their unhealthy counterparts, refusing to give them airtime, they shrink. They cannot survive unless we feed them.

If we flip-flop from one thought or idea to another, we dilute our success.
If we sharpen and sustain our focus, we feed the target of our attention.

Are you committed to making the shift? It can seem so much more entertaining to talk about the latest sick antics of certain world leaders, and to share the shock and horror of global crises. We are so conditioned to create drama in our lives that things would seem downright boring without it …and we might then have to focus on some deeper issues that we’d prefer to ignore. Drama distracts us from the deeper truth and keeps us stuck on the treadmill of conventional conditioning, which creates human dysfunction. And we are so far down the rabbit hole of dysfunction that we cannot even see that we are dysfunctional. Heck, it’s not a rabbit hole, it’s a warren! Almost everyone is down there, swapping stories and reinforcing collective beliefs, and it’s all very cozy. There is safety in numbers. More importantly, there is credibility in numbers. If everyone is blaming someone else for their situation, it must be right. I can’t possibly be responsible for my circumstances if everyone else is experiencing the same thing. Almost everyone is sick, so disease is normal. Everyone has a mobile phone, so the radiation must be harmless. Industries and governments have all the power so I have none …but only if you say so. Unless we focus on finding the deeper truth, we won’t even know it’s there. 

I no longer enjoy spending time in the warren. It’s so much more exciting to focus on engaging my own innate superpowers and witnessing the extraordinary results. By focusing my attention and my energies on creating the dynamics, situations and environment I desire, I can leverage the universal intelligence that governs all things.

Are you feeding or bleeding your world?

If we reflect on how much of our time and energy is devoted to bad news, crises or emotional angst, we get a sense of what we are promoting. This tells us what kind of life we are leading, what role we are playing and what kind of person we have become. Are we embracing and promoting a life of balance and healthy choices? Are we playing the role of leader, everyday activist, educator or humanitarian? Do we trust, love and respect the person we have become? If not, then what are we promoting and where is that taking us?

Unless we start connecting the dots, we cannot connect with the deeper truth of how things work—and we won’t see the bigger picture created by all those individual dots. Only when we zoom out for a broader perspective can we see what we have done to make our lives and our world the way they are today. When we recognize the role we have played and the impact we have, we can consciously choose whether to be a world bleeder or a world feeder.

Can you imagine…?

The world I envision is one of heartfelt connections, emotional honesty, individual responsibility and diligent stewardship of our human and natural resources. It is a world dedicated to creative excellence, eco-friendly innovation and personal fulfillment, for the sustainable benefit of all. It is a world that acknowledges our need for meaningful connection, without digital intermediaries or surrogates, as well as our need to return to the simple things of life that sustain us—nature, silence, peace, healthy self-worth, laughter and love. If I want this world to manifest, I must embody all of these qualities in myself and I must act as if that reality is happening right now. I must be more committed to, grateful for and enthusiastic about this ideal life than I am unhappy about my current one.

What is your vision? What world are you creating with your thoughts, feelings, interactions and choices? Are you bleeding or feeding your world?

​What is your vision? What world are you creating with your thoughts, feelings, interactions and choices?

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Think about which world you would prefer—the one I’ve described or the one you’re currently living.

Then ask yourself this: Where am I focusing my precious, powerful energy …and how can I shift my focus to more effectively create the world I want?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Please share your comments and ideas below.

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Olga Sheean is an author, editor, disruptive thinker, therapist and mastery coach specializing in human dynamics, creative potential and conscious evolution. She has documented the bio-effects of wireless radiation, exposing the widespread corruption within the industry, WHO and governments, and writes widely on the drivers of human dysfunction and how to reclaim our autonomy.